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As a printer, WPG understands the importance of delivering a first class finished product to it's customers. When visual impact and attention to detail are critical, we will always deliver a high quality print finishing service, that is cost-effective and reliable. Every print finishing job is different. Whether we are involved in a short sprint for that urgent digital job, or a marathon, which is the culmination of that highly prestigious brochure for our clients. We offer the most cost-effective solutions to market your company at the level you require.

Types of Finishing

Lamination | Spot UV Varnishing | Die-Cutting | Creasing | Scoring | Guillotining | Folding | Saddle-Stitching | Stab-Stitching | Perfect Binding | PUR Binding | Comb Binding | Wiro-Binding | Drilling | Perforating | Numbering | Embossing | Glueing | Re-Moist Gumming | Shrink-Wrapping | Banding | Enveloping | Collating | Inserting | Mailing

Various other bespoke finishes are available, please ask our sales team for more information:

Types of Binding

Saddle-Stitched Stab-Stitched Loop-Stitched Perfect Bound


This is one of the most common types of binding. Wire is punched through the pages at the spine and then bend on the inside to hold all the pages (similar to stapling).



This binding is similar to saddle-stitched, except this time the wire is punched through the pages from the front through to the back of the document. Sometimes it is then covered to hide the wire.



Again, this is similar to saddle-stitched, but this time a loop is created with the wire on the spine so the document can be inserted into a ring binder.


Perfect Bound

Sections of folded pages are gathered together creating a spine and glued to a cover which is wrapped around them.

PUR Bound is the same method, but using a stronger adhesive.

Spiral Bound Wire Bound Comb Bound Tape Bound

Spiral Bound

Holes are drilled/punched into the pages of the document before the wire is shaped and threaded through the holes. To prevent the wire slipping off, the end of each wire is crimped.


Wire Bound

Similar to spiral bound, except here the wire passes through each hole twice, removing the need to crimp the ends. The document's pages will lie exactly next to each other when flat.


Comb Bound

Rectangular holes are punched into the pages of the document before the rings of the plastic comb are threaded through and wrapped around onto themselves, thus holding the pages in place.


Tape Bound

An adhesive tape is wrapped around the spine of the document to hold the pages in place. Stab-stitching will often be used as well to help give strength to the document.

Other types of binding available, so please contact our if you wish to know more about them.



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